$100 Help with Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration

I’m having trouble migrating a new client’s site from D7 to D8.

I have already articulated the issue in detail on StackExchange, but as I haven’t received any insight yet, I want to speed things up with a bounty.

Here’s the original post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49089615/how-can-i-fix-these-errors-…

Basically, the migration process for the most part, fails…in that the main content type (articles), does not migrate. I’d like to perform a migration to D8 before I begin adding new features and content types that the client wants.

If you can help me successfully migrate the articles content with: 1)Title 2)Author 3)Body Content 4)Attached Image (every article has one image url attached) and 5)the custom path/url…

Then I don’t care much about the rest of the migration as I’d rather start clean.

I have already successfully migrated all the linked image files to the new D8 sites/default/files directory…

Anyway, I’ve got paypal/venmo/google pay, etc. It’s probably an easy fix…but I can’t figure it out and I’ve already wasted 2 days on it.

The best way to reach me is on telegram: https://telegram.me/doomd

Thanks in Advance.

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