Login UsernameorEmail

INTRODUCTION ———— This very simple DRUPAL 8 module allows users to log in with either their username OR email address from the same input box on the standard login form. REQUIREMENTS ———— Core dependencies only. RECOMMENDED MODULES ——————- Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_module/feed/all

Config Dependencies

This project is an effort to extend Drupal Core’s configuration to support other dependencies outside of the system. One substantial issue (https://www.drupal.org/node/2248369) outlines the use of UUIDs within configuration that do not extend to Drupal’s content. This project aims to provide general utility to solving[…]

Service Description

Overview Uses Guzzle Services library and Description Loader plugin to manage external services. Usage Create a service description JSON file for your service provider. place it as module_name/service_description/description.json. See httpbin module for sample implementation. Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_module/feed/all

HybridAuth Basic

CONTENTS OF THIS FILE ——————— * Introduction * Requirements * Recommended modules * Installation * Configuration * Maintainers INTRODUCTION ———— Drupal 8 implementation of the HybridAuth library:https://github.com/hybridauth/hybridauth allowing users to log and register with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_module/feed/all

postal_code_validation 7.x-1.5-rc1

Release notes #2599680: Support for provinces in Belgium#2774677: Include locale.inc before calling country_get_list()#2808747: Support for South Korea (KR)#2811165: Update postal_code_validation_get_countries_without_codes()#2811271: Add tests Download Size md5 hash postal_code_validation-7.x-1.5-rc1.tar.gz 15.09 KB 16f80221cd9267e224f0edffccdc2302 postal_code_validation-7.x-1.5-rc1.zip 32.25 KB 0fa63fc283dc5bf798c7a958e9010a6e Last updated: October 18, 2016 – 20:33 Official release from tag: […]

quiz 7.x-5.0-rc5

Release notes This RC fixes a critical bug in the Scale question type and addresses an issue with MySQL 5.7 during an upgrade. by djdevin: #2819869: Programmatic save of scale question removes alternatives by djdevin: #2808251: Entity permissions for quiz result deletion by djdevin: #2817221:[…]

agov 7.x-3.4

Download Size md5 hash agov-7.x-3.4-core.tar.gz 27.84 MB 257c2cec5c6be107b862dc28becd44ce agov-7.x-3.4-core.zip 31.14 MB a2200f1d53d6aff08c80430bf6bce460 agov-7.x-3.4-no-core.tar.gz 24.68 MB a08f2098c43121db6a44cc72e39ddcea agov-7.x-3.4-no-core.zip 27.27 MB 9e4b894985762a21a3249bf0d505e8f3 agov-7.x-3.4.tar.gz 7.29 MB 7e9385eb9d20085f28fd72a061c1761b agov-7.x-3.4.zip 7.45 MB 4a92f7c335c02b96928c060f629eae0b Last updated: October 18, 2016 – 23:13 Release notes Drupal core and contrib updates. * 70fd544: Issue[…]