4 question with bootstrap template

hi guys…

i have design a sample bootstrap theme with d7. in front page we have row 12 – col-md-9 for content and col-md-3 for sidebar

firs section we have custom slider with slick slider and show 5 content with image and in the second section we have custom tag contet like image under i do’nt know how post 5 content with custom tag first image larger than other 4 post . third section we have custom tab content with custom tag post how can design it with view? in the last section we have auto complete search

important : i do’nt want repeat post if content in slider do’nt repeat in the secont and third section .

image : http://howfind.ir/DSC_0217.jpg

realy thanks

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/3/feed