Ability to use AND for multiple filtering of Paragraph fields

I have a content type called “shows”. In this content type are 5 fields, one of them being a repeating “paragraph” (extension) that includes 4 fields. The user can add + more than one group of this paragraph when updating the content. In particluar there is one field in the paragraph that is “open_or_closed_show”.

Specifically… when we enter new content of a “show” we are entering a show name, description, then adding + (one or more than one instance) of the paragraph fields which are: (1) date opened (2) open_or_closed_show (3) date closed (optional) (4) location_of_show. There are several shows (content) that I’ve entered as records. One show (MegaMagic Show) is a show that has closed three times in previous locations, but is open a fourth time and still open.

With all of that setup.. here is my issue…

I create a view (page) that pulls in all content = shows. That displays all shows.
But now I need to filter our and only display shows that are closed AND not opened again.

I can filter by the field “open_or_closed_show” and it does what you would expect – display all shows where that field=closed. But, in the case of that MegaMagic Show I mentioned above (which closed three times, and is now open in another location)… that shows up in this list. So I need to be able to add an AND filter somehow that says “display closed shows AND where there is no instance of it having an open value too”.

I can’t seem to find any answer to that situation. Thank you for your assistance.


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