About views program,Can you help me?

Nice day, Everyone!
I have a question about views program.The question is :
(1) I create a structure (Step: Home >Administration>Structure,Content types) named ‘Staff List’,includes this field “name, id,foto,birthday,job”. I put some infomation into StaffList (Content).
(2) I create a page views named ‘Staff views’, added fields “name, id,foto,birthday,job”, the format is ‘Table’,page path is ‘stafflist’,Menu is :Normal:StaffList.
(3) I can browse the menu page (stafflist).The tables heads is “name, id,foto,birthday,job” ,The rows are infomation into StaffLis Content.
Now,My question is:
I want export the infomation rows data in the table to Excel and PDF file. How to program, any suggestions are very grateful.

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