access to block content


I’ve asked in stackoverflow too, but got no answer, so i hope somehow here can help me a bit.
I am new to Drupal, espacially to Drupal 8.

I have created a View and placed this view in a block called ‘views_block__view_submenu_ihk_kurse_block_1’ in the header region of my block layout.

Now i try in a preprocess-function to get the content of this block.
I get some variables with:

$res = $variables['content']['#view']->result;

How can i access the content of my
protected id -> string(43) "views_block__view_submenu_ihk_kurse_block_1"

Tried this:

$block = module_invoke('views','block_view','views_block__view_submenu_ihk_kurse_block_1');

any help appreciated. Thank you.

Drupal version: