Acquia Dev Desktop creates two 'sites' folders, 'default' and '*.dd' – Why, & What you should Know

Strangely, with each site creation using Acquia Dev Desktop (which is version 2 of Acquia Dev Desktop), it creates two folders within [Drupal-8-root]/sites.

“default”, and “whatever.dd”.

The MS Windows ‘Right-Click’:’Properties’ popup windows each of these items shows that they are identically sized.

And, strangely, the icon for the *.dd folder has the little ‘shortcut-icon’ added to the bottom-left corner of the ‘folder-icon’. Very weird.

This double-folder creation was also always the case a couple of years back with the original Acquia Dev Desktop version 1.

I would like to know what the full extent to which the sites/*.dd folder will have a bearing on users. Of particular concern to me is whether or not users can export their sites for use online anywhere other that Acquia’s servers.

This confusion is the primary reason why I have not created a beginning newbie users step-by-step guide to using ADDv2 for posting at, (similar to the one I created for ADDv1 before I became aware of this issue, even though Acquia Dev Desktop is the easiest way I have found to get a Drupal site up-and-running on Windows (and presumably on MAC).

XAMPP (for Windows, Linux, and MAC)

Instead, I guess I’ll look into using XAMPP as an alternative, since it appears to be the ‘stack’ most highly recommended for Windows across the Earth, and since XAMPP appears to be the Windows stack for which there is the most documentation on


Please post a link where we can find a detailed explanation as to the full extent of in what way the non-standard ways the *.dd folders will immediately affect us as we create our sites; and what will be required of us to export our sites to any number of hosting environments other than Acquia.

If you would be so kind as to share a link with an explanation as to why this duplicate folder situation exists, that would be wonderful, particularly since my only guess is that it is a proprietary attempt to force users of Acquia Dev Desktop to use Acquia for hosting after they learn too late of their unwitting blindness to this reprehensible fact, assuming my ONLY GUESS is correct, though if I am correct, that surely disappoints me in my desire to truly love Dries Buytaert.


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