acquia_contenthub 8.x-1.27

Release notes

This is a bug release for Content Hub 1.x.

Changes since 1.26

  • LCH-2031: Updating travis, removing pulling from directory
  • LCH-2031: Make sure to delete the cache for acquia_contenthub
  • LCH-2031: Removing unused entity mock
  • LCH-2031: Upgrading isSubclassOf (deprecated) method to entityClassImplements
  • Update Drush9 Commands to accept command parameters.
  • LCH-2036: Prevent import and export queues from running during Drupal cron
  • LCH-2042: Update diff module
  • LCH-1365: Remove ModuleInstallationRequirement class.
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Last updated: 20 Jul 2018 at 04:43 UTC
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