acquia_contenthub 8.x-1.34

Release notes

User facing changes

Discovery Interface:

Tag drop down behavior is changed. A new query is being posted to /search by hitting enter. Fixes the issue when the tag number exceeds the 3000 limit. Now the limit is set to 1000 which means in order to get tags not included in the list, a new request has to be made.

Updates since 8.x-1.33:

  • Use normalizerWrapper to get the CDF to publish instead of internal request to the site when exporting using the Export Queue
  • PUT entities to Content Hub directly from the export queue
  • Fix entities being imported with wrong default_language
  • Ensure dependencies imported through automatic updates are owned by uid 1
  • Bugfix for not trying to get a path from an entity without ID
  • If the path is not set, do not attempt to create an alias
  • Only in cases of redirect entities, delete existing entity if hash matches the one coming from content hub but their uuids are different
  • Do not further process entity references if value is null
  • Fixing saving url alias according to information provided by the CDF
  • Extend drush to support ‘message’ field in ach-logs output table
  • Fix AUTO_UPDATE_ENABLED getting reverted in case of referenced entities
  • Fix site origin not matching problem on export
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