ad_entity 8.x-1.0-beta17

Release notes

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  1. This release contains a lot of refactored code.
    Contains API changes, which might affect your extensions or modifications.
    Take care of it when updating your codebase. In case you have custom code
    which makes use of any ad_entity API, either JS or PHP, make sure your
    code still works. This is an extraordinary API change for a beta state,
    but it’s required to improve the module’s frontend efficiency.
  2. Frontend appliance mode for Advertising contexts is now deprecated.
    The frontend appliance mode used to be the recommended mode in favor of
    saving resources on the server side. It has been shown though that this
    would not become true unless your appliance process is very complex.
    The global settings offer a tweak option to enforce backend appliance mode,
    so that the module does not include any context.js files anymore.
  • #2974510 by arthur_lorenz, mxh: Get rid of jQuery dependency.
    NOTE: Any adEntity event is not being triggered with jQuery anymore.
    It’s now a CustomEvent object, holding any parameter at event.detail.
  • New feature: Added a view controller for showing ad display configurations.
    The controller is able to switch to a certain theme. With this controller,
    ad display configs can now be embedded as a generic iFrame. You can also
    create block configurations for generic ad display iFrames.
  • #13 (GitHub issue): Make Theme Breakpoints JS an optional dependency.
  • Bugfix (regression from 1.0-beta16): Missing Theme Breakpoints JS dependency.
    This library would now be included only when the module is available.
  • Added an option to enforce backend appliance mode (see 2. above).
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