Add additional instruction item to provide git clone command for users' projects

When submitting a project application on the message block lists the following items:

  • The name of your module or theme.
  • A detailed description of what it does.
  • A link to its sandbox project on
  • The intended Drupal core version (eg. 6.x or 7.x)

which I followed to create my first one.

However, during review stage I’ve learned I had misunderstood the `A link to its sandbox project on` item and provided an actual hyper-link to project’s page whereas I was supposed to provide the git clone command for my project `git clone –branch 7.x-2.x` in the issue summary.

I propose to edit the above list and either explicitly indicate the `git clone` is requested or add additional item, so users provide both hyperlink to their project’s page and the git command to clone. It would be useful especially for new users and first time contributors like myself.