Add fields with description to nodes

Dear All,
I need to create a content type to allow users to allo users to specify a set of categories and reporting the related description.
When creating new content, the user should be allowed to select one or more characteristics (from a tree) and add a description for each tag.

As example, this could be the taxonomy tree:
– Color
— Red
— Blue
— Black
– Material
— Steel
— Wood
— concrete

When the user create a content, he/she should be able to select some characteristics, and add a description.
As example, creating the content
“Teapot” we could select
– Color
— Black (Description: the main body is black)
— Red (Description: the handle is red)
– Material
— Steel (main body)
— wood (handle)

I am using the “Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget” ( to show the tags on the “create item” page. However, I am not able to add to
– add a description for each tag
– add more than one identical tag (eg, 2 items could be “red”)

Can you recommend me any module or strategy to overcome to this issue?

Drupal version: