Add Operations to Exposed Filter Views list of entities

My view lists entities of a certain type and I need to let authorized users be able to run CRUD operations on them. Searching I find a suggestion that in D7 see how Drupal uses the Views API to do this. Makes sense, I would use that API for my custom module in D7. Now for D8, I suspect that the views would be a PlugIn.

Looking at /admin/content I understand that is a View of nodes with the operations I need. Looking at Webprofiler I see that the controller is not within Node, but within the Views module itself. So already my understanding is broken in D8.

I see the route is system.admin_content. Using drupal dr system.admin_content I see that I could perhaps build my own route in my custom module to use this DrupalviewsRoutingViewPageController::handle ?

Route                         system.admin_content                        
Path                          /admin/content                              
_controller                  DrupalviewsRoutingViewPageController::handle
_title                       Content                                     
view_id                      content                                     
display_id                   page_1                                      
_permission                  access content overview                     
_format                      html                                        
compiler_class               DrupalCoreRoutingRouteCompiler          
_view_argument_map           { }                                        
_view_display_plugin_id      page                                        
_view_display_plugin_class   DrupalviewsPluginviewsdisplayPage      
_admin_route                 1                                           
_access_checks               access_check.permission

But there would be much more to use this method? How would you add these operation fields to a view?

How do I determine my view_id?

Heck, how would I build a View in a D8 custom module?

Or am I completely wrong in this approach? thx, sam

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