Adding CSS in AdaptiveTheme / corolla


I’m new here and I’ve got a (simple) question about adding CSS to a theme.

In views i created a responsive grid of fields to display 18 images. Two columns vertical, works fine. Now I want the pictures which are in the left column to align on the right side of the column. By default they are aligned left. With Firefox Inspector I found the class “views-col col-1″ style=”with: 50%”; So the only thing I want is to add the string “text-align: right;” into this class. But where can I add it? I’ve tried it in custom.css (in “Appereance/Settings/corolla/Extensions/Custom CSS”), I’ve tried to create a new style in the settings for the grid, and also directly in the css-file themes/corolla/styles/css/custom.css and also in …css/generated/custom-css.css but nothing happened! Where should I add this text-align command? Please help me – thanks in advance!


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