Adding Embed HTML to site

Hi 🙂

I hope someone here can help me out, I have started learning Drupal and wen’t through the guide from OSTraining! Great reading! And I think I’m starting to have the basics covered, more or less 🙂 But I have hit a roadbump now….

I am trying to insert the html code below the “Your Live Score Code” text to a page. But all I get is a link “recent matches” as you see.

recent matches

What do I do to get it to show properly on my site.

Here is an example of how it SHOULD look :

Beware… I have no skills what so ever in Java, HTML, CSS or similar. So I’m just hoping someone has the patience to push me in the right direction or better yet, simplify and tell me exactly what to do 🙂


Drupal version: