Adding Followers Feature Using Flag Module

I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall trying to figure out how to get the Flag and Views modules to produce the tabs “Following” and Followers” for the user profiles. I can get the tabs in alright, and a “Follow” flag without a hitch, but getting the respective tabs to display the proper lists is going nowhere.

For the “Following” tab:
I want this to display a list of users the selected user (the one who’s profile is being viewed) is following.

For the “Followers” tab:
I want to display a list of users who have followed the selected user (who’s profile is being viewed).

I’ve tried a couple of online guides but none of them work as intended. The results are NOT the above behaviour and I’m not familiar enough with this module to figure out where it’s going wrong and come up with my own settings to get the right results.

If someone who’s more familiar with this module could help me with the steps I need to perform to get these features working properly I’d be very grateful. Also, I’d like to avoid any custom coding if there is any way around it, this project is for a client who is NOT a programmer and will need to be able to maintain the site without any coding, including updating without loss of custom code.

Drupal version: