address 8.x-1.0

Release notes

Now contains address_country and address_zone field types and form elements.

The zone config entity type has been removed (use the Zone field instead).

Changes since 8.x-1.0-rc4:

  • #2787255 by dww, bojanz: Provide a views filter for administrative areas
  • #2872570 followup: Fix the default value handling.
  • Clean up the module schema and the README.
  • #2760387 by dww, Blanca.Esqueda: Default country is imposed on fields with an empty address (which currently prevents changing the default country at all)
  • #2866521 by bojanz: Stop overriding CountryManager
  • #2751679 by dww, johnhuang0808, bojanz: The address widget renders subdivision dropdowns in the wrong language
  • #2861391 by dpolant, bojanz: address_post_update_convert_names_subdivisions() doesn’t always fix the data
  • #2859870 by bojanz: DefaultFormatterTest::testTaiwanAddress() is failing
  • #2872570 by bojanz: Provide a zone field type
  • #2727777 followup: Use the address_country form element in the zone_territory form element. Fix bug with default countries.
  • #2727777 by DuneBL, bojanz: Add a country field type
  • #2874058 by bojanz: [Zone] Hide the included/excluded postal code fields behind a checkbox
  • #2871741 by finne: zone_territory form element not working
  • Remove commerceguys/zone from composer.json
  • #2862113: Remove the zone config entity & plugins
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