addtoany 8.x-1.5

Release notes

This release migrates placement settings to the Manage Display form for view modes, adds Token support, and includes other minor changes.

Improved placement control

  • Configure AddToAny placement per content type per view mode
    • Enables separate settings (visibility, weight) per content type per view mode
    • Works for non-default (user-defined, module-defined) view modes too
  • Thanks Marc van Gend!

Important notes

  • Placement settings have moved from AddToAny settings to the Manage Display form for content types
    • i.e. Structure > Content types > Article > Manage display
  • Your placement settings will migrate when you run /update.php
  • Display Suite configurations may require a cache rebuild (drush cr) to show the extra field in the Manage Display form
  • Display Suite migration removes the wrapping <div>
  • #2772201: Add true view mode support

Token support & other changes

  • Token support in AddToAny Settings (thanks ziomizar)
  • Replace addtoany_permission() with addtoany.permissions.yml
  • Harden addtoany.js global reference for edge cases
  • Fix styling for service counters
  • Remove @file tag docblock where appropriate (thanks Pradnya Pingat)
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