After Drupal 6 to 8 migrate, some fields appear blank in edit form, others don't?

So, I’ve run the upgrade process from my Drupal 6 installation to a clean Drupal 8 installation.

The Drupal 6 website was using many custom content fields (CCK), and custom content types. When I look at my content list in Drupal 8, I see my nodes, with the correct custom content type.

They also have the correct title, summary field, and body, but all the other fields appear blanked out. For example, each page has a field that should contain the keywords. This field, and about 29 other custom fields all appear as blank in the node edit form. However, when I look at the database I can see this data was imported in some fashion. For example, I can see the keywords in “table: node__field_keywords”.

Here, the columns of the table are “bundle” (with a value of the same name as the content type in drupal 6), “deleted” (all values of 0), entity_id, revision_id, langcode, delta and field_keywords_value (in which I see all the keywords data).

So my question is, if this data did import as it appears to have, and I see the boxes for it on the edit node form, why isn’t this data appearing in imported content?

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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