Ajax Facet – View is not loaded after search

I want to have a search made with sliders on my my category pages in Commerce Kickstart. This can simply be done by using the default Search and Facet API. I have added a new field “year” to my products and added a new Facet with a slider. Unfortunatly, with every search the site is reloaded which does not look good.

I came across the Ajax Facets module that seems to adress this problem. I installed it, applied the patch `ajax_facets-all-displays-use-default-display-access-2902123-08.patch` and in my facet I changed the widget to Ajax Range. 

On my category page, I can see the slider now. But when I try to search for something, I cant see any search results. No content at all is being shown. 

This is my category before: /product-category/sample-category-1


And when I change the slider, the URL looks like this but the content is blank: 



Is there some other configuration I have to do with the view or the facet? 

Drupal version: 

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/22/feed