Allow a view to only be seen by authenticated user

Hi, I am new to Drupal.  I’ve been reading some documentation but I don’t see any instructions on how to do the following:

I have installed Drupal on a shared hosting server.  It is up and running (yay!).  I have made very few modifications and I am running the default installation.  Meaning, I haven’t extended with any modules or changed themes, etc.   I build a new content type called garden_beds.  It has 3-4 fields like: Title, Bed Number, Assigned Owner and Body.  I created a view with a table that shows a list of garden bed nodes and added a link to the menu so the view is accessible to users.   So far so good.  Now, since that view will have people’s names that I want to keep private, I want that view to only be accessible to authenticated users.  (Later on I was planning to build a Garden Club user, but for now I thought it would be easiest to learn this by just using the Authenticated User.  How do I do restrict a view to an authenticated user?  Thanks in advance. 

Drupal version: