Alta Planning + Design: Web Developer


(Portland, Seattle, Durham or LA)

Alta Planning + Design is seeking a Web Developer to join our graphics team. This position can be based out of our Portland, Seattle or Durham offices – it’s your choice. This is a unique opportunity for an experienced web developer to work closely with Alta’s team of skilled planners, engineers, landscape designers and graphic designers to develop relevant, functional, and highly performant websites for high-profile active transportation projects across the US. Alta’s current projects include bicycle, pedestrian and active transportation plans, complete streets studies, Safe Routes to School programs, tactical urbanism and demonstration projects, and education/safety campaigns for local and regional government clients.

As Alta’s Web Developer, you’ll collaborate with graphic designers to create websites for clients, build web-based databases to manage project registration, trip logging and other features, and build website tools that support the efforts of GIS and planning teams. You’ll commit to creating websites and apps that are accessible for all users, while maintaining awareness of accessibility issues. In this role you will coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to develop budgets and timelines and appropriately plan resources to ensure timely and appropriately secure project deliverables.

We’re seeking a developer with three (3) or more years of web development experience possessing the following:

  • CMS: Expert-level experience with WordPress (both creating custom themes and modifying purchased themes); experience with other content management systems such as Drupal, FuelCMS, CodeIgniter, or similar.
  • Web Development: Experience building web pages with Javascript, JS frameworks, HTML5, CSS/SCSS/SASS, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, GeoJSON, and CodeIgniter, and Heroku.
  • Mapping tools: Knowledge of web mapping languages and tools including Google Maps, API and Fusion Tables, PostGIS, python, MapBox, Open Maps, Wikimapping, and Leaflet.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Docs. Experience with web hosting.
  • Excellent client and project management skills. Ability to explain the web design process to non-technical colleagues and client staff, and walk them through the decisionmaking/scoping process.
  • Ability to create project specs, site maps, and wireframes. Ability to articulate development requirements.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Programming, Computer Science, IT or related field with an emphasis in web programming is strongly desired but not required. Previous experience working with billable hours as a freelancer or consultant as well as experience working as an in-house web developer would be helpful as well. An interest in, or knowledge of, Alta’s mission to create active communities is also preferred but not required.

Job Perks: Alta Planning + Design offers competitive salaries, great benefits including wellness and bike benefits, flexible work schedules, five year anniversary travel award, advancement opportunities and welcoming – and fun – work environments for our employees. Alta employees “walk the talk” and are passionate about creating livable and healthy communities.



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