Any D8 tips for decoupling forms?

I’m trying to map out my first decoupled site and I’m hoping for tips on handling forms. 

Am I correct in thinking along the following lines…

  • Drupal side creates the fields for the form

  • Views (or some other means) would create a json file of field/form specifics

  • Front end would read this json and display the form. 

  • Submission from the front end site would use some api call to push the submission data back into the Drupal site.

  • The drupal 8 site would store the data and do any necessary tasks (email notification, for example) 

If this is correct, I’m trying to get a grasp on my options on getting this setup.

Would one recommend webform and webform REST modules?

Or is this something that can just be done without additional modules (or perhaps with the REST UI module)?

I’m seeing older articles and one for the Contact module, but nothing specific to D8 and creating a custom form. If anyone has any links or experience and suggestions, they’d be greatly appreciated. 

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