Anyway to have Google Web Fonts integrated to CKEditor – confusion about WYSIWYG/CKEditor

I’m slightly confused about all of this — or maybe it’s just not working.

I am running Drupal 7.x (Drupal Commons) and I require a nice font from Google Web Fonts.

I’m using the default CKEditor however I learned that I can’t easily install Google Fonts into that.

I download font-your-face and was able to download the fonts I wish to use.

Font-your-face has a module that integrates those enabled fonts to WYSIWYG.

I installed WYSIWYG and enabled it.
It disabled CKEditor.

I go to WYSIWYG Profiles and it says ‘CKEditor could not be detected’.

I download CKEditor from their site and put it in the /profiles/commons/libraries/ckeditor directory (there was already everything there by default, so I overwrote it).

It still does not show that CKEditor is there (not even by default).

I enable the module and still nothing.
I believe the module is the editor part of it and so is WYSIWYG so that is making my editor unavailable.

I understand that there is a library CKEditor and a module.

I’m still confused about how to get this thing working.

Is CKEditor garbage?
What are people using today?

I just want a simple editor that allows me to change the fonts I have enabled on my system.
I do not need ‘font-your-face’ if there is something that works with CKEditor (which their is a plugin from their site).

I just still don’t understand how this works.
Is the editor all I need?
I attempt to go to a post and my editor does not show my text. I cannot click on anything on the toolbar.
I have WYSIWYG disabled and CKEditor enabled.

Drupal version: