Are these cases of genuine help or someone trying to inflate their commit count?

I maintain a few modules on, and lately I’ve noticed the phenomenon of people who inflate their commit count. They come to an in-development module page, suggest a patch that consists of very simple standards-compliance work (indentations, stray spaces, adding a generic README file, etc.), and ask you to commit it.

Any contribution is nice, of course, but I go to the user’s profile, and see that they have hundreds of similar one-off, minimal-contribution commits, and the “work” appears to be a case of artificially inflating their contribution score.

My questions are:

  1. How does one benefit from inflating their commit count?
  2. Are there legitimate cases of someone who wants to be helpful, even if the commit is simple?
  3. If I suspect someone is inflating their commit count, how can I report this?

Per the conclusion in the conversation below, I have removed the links from the original post. Still, I do think that this is an important discussion to have, as “gaming for points” has happened according to some of the people I have spoken with. However, per the conversation I had with one company I thought was doing this, I learned there are legitimate cases of a large number of documentation commits, in this case as a form of education for staff.