Moderation report for Working with Custom Blocks

I am reporting to moderators because: Just to reiterate, assuming you are seeing this page as this is the page I would have chosen to delete, and left alone, but the fact that this page 2349899 is generating an ‘alias’ url, then maybe[…]

Acquia Dev Desktop creates two 'sites' folders, 'default' and '*.dd' – Why, & What you should Know

Strangely, with each site creation using Acquia Dev Desktop (which is version 2 of Acquia Dev Desktop), it creates two folders within [Drupal-8-root]/sites. “default”, and “whatever.dd”. The MS Windows ‘Right-Click’:’Properties’ popup windows each of these items shows that they are identically sized. And, strangely, the[…]

'Preview' and 'View changes' buttons not visible on the 'preview' page

While editing a documentation page: (Tested with Firefox, and Chrome) After clicking ‘Edit’ for a documentation page, [Eg: ] the buttons ‘Save’, ‘Preview’, and ‘View changes’ are clearly visible. However, after I click ‘Preview’, on the ‘preview’ page only the ‘Save’ button is visible. The[…]