restui 8.x-1.16

Release notes Bug fixes mostly – Issue #3008186: drupal_set_message() replaced by Messenger service – Issue #3001428: multiple warnings when switching granularity on a new resource – Issue #2983934: Apply new {project}:{module} format for dependencies in info.yml – Issue #2960689: There are improperly formatted br tags[…]

restui 8.x-1.12

Release notes This is the last version compatible with < core 8.2 – Issue #2575453 by andypost, clemens.tolboom: Remove message claiming defaults or make it work like its claim Download Size md5 hash restui-8.x-1.12.tar.gz 12.41 KB 5e0af30fa596ead0312365de45425372 16.42 KB e42c7578d069e749624c7a620259144b Last updated: October 17,[…]