s3fs 7.x-2.11

Release notes Issue #2884388: Fixed broken stream_stat() method in S3fsStreamWrapper. Issue #2886878 by Lams: “Refresh file metadata cache” fails in MySql 5.7.5+ Issue #2632082: Bugfix for VersionId==’null’. Issue #2957905 by ckitchens: Conditional Authorization for a Multi-Site / Single S3 Bucket Environment Issue #2958566 by ckitchens,[…]

s3fs 7.x-2.6

Release notes Issue #2803121: Added support for the Seoul region. Issue #2724389: Added option to upload new image derivatives, instead of redirecting. Issue #2549161: S3fsStreamWrapper.mkdir() now trims trailing slashes. Ending slashes are now trimmed off of folders at import time. Removed unused target_folder variable from[…]

s3fs 7.x-2.8

Release notes Issue #2843639: Clarified the “Don’t rewrite CSS/JS file paths” setting’s description. Issue #2630466 by mshade: documented nginx configuration throws 502 gateway error Issue #2849510 by zaphoyd: Add support for Ohio/us-east-2 region Caching of instance profile credentials now actually works. Caveat: you now have[…]