I think I’ve cracked the obsession amongst much of the Silicon Valley set with compressing work life, sacrificing everything until the big exit, and running fast while breaking all the things: If you don’t plan to stick around, who cares how you leave the things behind?[…]

Nobody hits the ground running

“We just want someone who can hit the ground running” is the common refrain for companies seeking to only consider senior-level job candidates. This is usually based on the premise that there just isn’t time to hire someone junior because they need on-boarding, training, and[…]


This guy never had enough, is that really you? The underpinning tenet of chasing exponential growth is that anything less than “all of it” is never enough. If there’s more possible, more out there, then it’s your gawd damn duty to hunt it down and make[…]

Horses for courses

You wouldn’t use a race horse to drag a cart It’s no more sensible to talk about a single category of programmers than it is a single category of writers. Yes, an intimacy with the language is (usually) shared amongst writers, but otherwise journalists and poets[…]

“Say something funny”

Patrice O’Neal dealing with a heckler Great comedians bomb on new material all the time. That hilarious HBO special wasn’t just random, clever observations from the last month, but the product of years and years of filtered and practiced work. Thousands of hours and ideas boiled[…]