D8 update node field programmatically.

I’m am trying to update a node field programatically in d8 without saving the entire node. Here’s a sample of code: function test_updattte($nid){ $entity = DrupalnodeEntityNode::load($nid); $body_field = $entity->get(‘body’); $field_value = $body_field->getValue(); $field_value[0][‘value’] = ‘aafdfd’; $field_value[0][‘summary’] = $field_value[0][‘value’]; $body_field->setValue($field_value, TRUE); } But the field value[…]

Autologin D8

Hi, I’ve developed an autologin by url so that when users click on the link, they are automatically login in my website. -> I’ve generated a hash based on their email address and i check the generated hash before the website log them. This works[…]