Inactionable advice

Enough with the actionable advice, already. Let’s see some questionable advice instead. Rather than guide with steps, stump with challenges. Fewer answers, more questions. Less following, more foraging. More wonder, less known. Figure it out yourself. Inactionable advice was originally published in Signal v. Noise on Medium, where[…]

Chicago, Be Chicago

Yuck! Enough with the Silicon Valley worship, Chicago! 🎶Hey, Chicago, what do you say? Can we stop talking about wanting to be the next Silicon Valley today?🎶 If you pay attention to the Chicago tech/media scene, you’ve probably been hearing for years that Chicago is poised to[…]

Stories about Stayups — stories about businesses that haven’t gone out of business. How not to go out of business is the hardest part about business. The Distance tells true stories about those who’ve figured it out. Startups dominate the news. What are the first three letters of news? New.[…]

Don’t Promise

We’ve all been there. A customer’s upset. They make a demand. Maybe it’s reasonable, quick, easy, and no big deal. Fine. But sometimes it’s unreasonable given the context and situation. And we give in. Promises to placate rarely end up well. Sometimes you’ll do anything to avoid[…]