Planning is Guessing

A plan is simply a guess you wrote down Busting your ass planning something important? Feel like you can’t proceed until you have a bulletproof plan in place? Replace “plan” with “guess” and take it easy. That’s all plans really are anyway: guesses. So next time you’re[…]

Ditch the elevator pitch

If there’s true interest, there’s no rush — take your time to listen first and explain second There’s no shortage of lore about the importance of the elevator pitch. There’s the 1850s version, in which inventor Elisha Otis’s dramatic demonstration of his innovation — a safety brake that keeps elevators from[…]

Mind the gap

How to spend your time when there’s nothing left to do? This morning something happened that reminded me of an important lesson re: time well spent. Three of us are working on an illustration project for our forthcoming book, “It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work”.[…]

Look elsewhere

Entrance to the theater at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. Spring Green, WI. Don’t stare at your industry. Look in the opposite direction. Have you noticed that Instagram has been looking more and more like Snapchat lately (of course you have)? When companies compete, they tend to[…]

Down in front!

Doug gets it, most don’t. Look around YouTube at car reviews, and you’ll see a lot of people standing in front of cars. Below I’ve snapped captures of early frames in six car reviews. These represent the first time the car is shown whole, in profile. Who’s[…]