11 Years

Today marks 11 years married. The day after we got married we found ourselves headed to St. Lucia in the Caribbean for our honeymoon. I’d like to say that “it feels like only yesterday” but it doesn’t – it feels like a lifetime ago if[…]

On EpiPens

You’ll never forget your first EpiPen experience, especially as a parent. Strangely, I had my first experience this weekend amidst all of the swirling controversy around the big pharma company that’s been price-hiking the darn thing into the stratosphere. Thankfully, apparently, they are going to[…]

Simple Sabotage via The CIA

The CIA highlighted 5 tips from their apparently timeless masterpiece on sabotage. Amazing how it’s essentially a model of how the corporate enterprise actually works. This PDF is astounding: Managers and Supervisors: To lower morale and production, be pleasant to inefficient workers; give them undeserved promotions.[…]