views_taxonomy_term_name_depth 8.x-1.0

Release notes #2813149: Plugin for contextual Filter with Term Name Depth#2813151: Defining Contextual Filter Plugin in Views Download Size md5 hash views_taxonomy_term_name_depth-8.x-1.0.tar.gz 9.18 KB 82330aedbe6d43ec662964b61b3b2248 11.11 KB e509de15efc1dffe58667302ad955bbc Last updated: October 6, 2016 – 16:33 Official release from tag:  8.x-1.0 Core compatibility:  8.x Release[…]

clean_blog 8.x-2.1

Download Size md5 hash clean_blog-8.x-2.1.tar.gz 4.8 MB e443c4bce23700033c974d43e7e3618c 4.97 MB 249e520fea9daba9667d075ec2488a48 Last updated: 22 Dec 2016 at 13:48 UTC Release notes Responsive Official release from tag:  8.x-2.1 Core compatibility:  8.x Packaged Git sha1:  5428442a392c9f08ffa6c9cbb80c9a648332f3ad View usage statistics for this release Source:

clean_blog 8.x-2.0

Release notes #2838427: Remove the block configuration Entities while uninstalling #2836291: Make it configurable the Top image Can be able to configure images on the individual pages Download Size md5 hash clean_blog-8.x-2.0.tar.gz 855.46 KB 34930311d62ac138f1561af262062db6 861.89 KB aef2af8980b7c6cb168920ae0918ab94 Last updated: 21 Dec 2016 at[…]

page_access 8.x-1.0

Release notes #2806991: Service for checking page level access.#2799859: Restrict access to page based on page access.#2800581: After installing the module The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.#2802111: Remove bundle field from page access config entity.#2800619: Remove the ‘Administrator’ role form the[…]

download_all_files 8.x-1.0

Release notes #2802897: Routing is not added for the respective controller#2799833: Controller for download all file link.#2799839: Extend new zip archive plugin.#2799829: Create new file field formatter to download all files. Download Size md5 hash download_all_files-8.x-1.0.tar.gz 9.06 KB 172e8666862edaded917219e169de8ab 11.81 KB 3330a823ecf7731ecfc1e877699a3861 Last updated:[…]

views_taxonomy_term_name_depth 8.x-6.x-dev

Release notes #2955605: Incompatible with Drupal 8.6 Download Size md5 hash views_taxonomy_term_name_depth-8.x-6.x-dev.tar.gz 10.08 KB eb8fc40f135e68d621f0bde99ad0cdee 12.32 KB c650608f47c2c5eb56d061c707612dd8 Last updated: 18 Jul 2018 at 15:48 UTC Last packaged version: 8.x-6.x-dev Development release from branch:  8.x-6.x Core compatibility:  8.x Release type:  New features Packaged Git[…]

entity_ref_tab_formatter 8.x-1.1

Release notes Accordion Style is added#2821144: Add accordion Style to Display [META] Download Size md5 hash entity_ref_tab_formatter-8.x-1.1.tar.gz 9.33 KB 78bfd3663551a4f5d8145a9691994fb6 13.13 KB 98332dec1748cbc268137fd998cd345a Last updated: October 26, 2016 – 08:23 Official release from tag:  8.x-1.1 Core compatibility:  8.x Release type:  Bug fixes New features[…]

freegeoip_views 8.x-1.0

Release notes #2818269: Add readme#2809963: The session is not getting set #2806999: Freegeoip parameter views Contextual filter#2806203: Set the freegeoip for the logged in user#2808757: Service to get the freegeoip details#2806191: Service to get the freegeoip value Download Size md5 hash freegeoip_views-8.x-1.0.tar.gz 9.24 KB 0cbdb8d13438b181d002e486b5801959[…]