patch_status 7.x-1.1

Release notes Fixed issue where a error would be logged incorrectly for a “missing core” on drupal 7.50 or greater when a .patch file was present. Code style fixes. Download Size md5 hash patch_status-7.x-1.1.tar.gz 11.47 KB c7cd4791a4dd6d4094128a48e5186e41 12.88 KB ec759753b00364aec5f5aa8eebbca9fa Last updated: September 30,[…]

[Policy] Module name should match project name for contrib modules.

It’s commonly assumed that a contributed module’s project name matches the machine name of the module. (IE the actual filename, etc.). I propose that this should be a standard, as it’s commonly assumed, and creates issues when it’s not the case. For example: A[…]