ckeditor_tabber 7.x-1.4

Release notes Issue #2774763: Multiple instances of CKEditor Tabber on one page by dylancompanjen Download Size md5 hash ckeditor_tabber-7.x-1.4.tar.gz 11.32 KB 23e1cf0a5eb5b2a3d08bd1cacff1707c 13.88 KB fec392f71789dacd67f7d599e8c6df64 Last updated: 17 May 2017 at 08:28 UTC Official release from tag:  7.x-1.4 Core compatibility:  7.x Release type:  Bug[…]

makemeeting 7.x-2.1

Release notes #2734631: Redirect to system/ajax when deleting an answer #1999716: Edit and delete anonymous participant just by node owners or admin #2821048: Wrong text-indent to hide answer text #2694229: Copy and paste first row does nothing #1848256: Date not formating correctly #1999924: Make results[…]