OpenAppHack(OAH) Drupal Distribution for Digital Health Care that can be installed on a rip cluster Some features: Onboard patients Add doc visits Link drug database Generate patients timeline Share as qr code Export medical and treatment history Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_distribution/feed/all


OpenAppHack (OAH-Hackathon) is a distribution of Drupal that will help organize offline hackathons on RPI Clusters. Top Level Features – Onboard organizers, participants – Can work in an online/offline mode – Generates credit statements for participants end of each hackathon. – Offline update of code[…]


OpenAppHack-Store (OAH-Store) is a Drupal Distribution for Digital Retails Store that can be installed on a RPI cluster or standalone RPI Some features: – Add Inventory – Stock keeping – Add Customers – Billing – Link external online stores – Engage customers via email, social[…]