cgit – content-length mismatch on certain files

It seems is intermittently reporting incorrect content-lengths for two or more specific files in (the 8.x branch). This causes composer to fail with: [ComposerDownloaderTransportException] Content-Length mismatch This isn’t happening for everyone, but is for at least one other person: I’ve made a test[…]

Update procedure in Drupal 8 – dangerous cp statement

I’m brand new here, so apologies in advance 🙂 (which is locked, correct?) Step 5: As someone else has already pointed out in the comments, this statement causes a loop: cp -Rf drupal-x.y.z/* drupal-x.y.z/.* /path/to/your/installation (it’ll keep copying and you’ll end up with /path/to/your/installation/installation/installation/…[…]