contacts 8.x-1.x-dev

Download Size md5 hash contacts-8.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz 7.17 KB cae75f6e2f95cd254414f68f544c499a 7.62 KB b6c0c56b3f56e17cb8dbf1fa625aa31c Last updated: 22 Dec 2016 at 17:03 UTC Last packaged version: 8.x-1.x-dev Development release from branch:  8.x-1.x Core compatibility:  8.x Packaged Git sha1:  b3cdf0b974220bbbe6fce42f40766f3dce42a751 View usage statistics for this release Source:

instagram_block 8.x-2.0-beta1

Release notes Added test coverage, README.txt and enabled multiple blocks for different Instagram users. #2795183: Add test coverage for InstagramBlockBlock#2778667: Move User id settings from global settings on block specific settings#2795147: Add Readme.txt file to the module#2772185: Add test coverage for InstagramBlockConfigForm Special thanks to[…]

instagram_block 8.x-2.0-beta2

Release notes Updated block settings and API callback after deprecation of Instagram endpoints: Download Size md5 hash instagram_block-8.x-2.0-beta2.tar.gz 145.38 KB 18a1817bf275018dba0b8c3fffc24cd8 151.64 KB b39fccdbde46855ab80ef0128ce93896 Last updated: 9 Apr 2018 at 16:08 UTC Official release from tag:  8.x-2.0-beta2 Core compatibility:  8.x Release type:  Bug fixes[…]