Best way to get webforms submissions showing as content type.


I am creating a musicians and artists hub for my local area and I have need for advanced webforms that give the authenticated user an advanced profile form that is filled out that then promotes them to the role of Artist and presents a from that they can edit to update personal details and other info. This form is also connected with a BANDs content type. I want to be able to include the profiles for selection as members of a BAND and have their profiles attached to each band they are a member of. I can achieve this though referenced entities though I am wondering if there is a way to control what fields are shown (so affectively create a teaser view for webform output). 

I can get the bios to output in views though I was wondering how to make it so the form is then editable for resubmission. Also what is the best way to link this form to the users account and the best way to view the completed form. (E.G a single view with user as one of the selection criteria.

I am new to the YAML webform and though I have some ideas I thought I would seek advice first so as not to waste time.

Any advice would be great thanks.

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