Best way to migrate only content D7 to D7

I have a developer D7 system and a D7 live system.

In the development system we changed the whole layout which means:
New Views, Different CS, Implementation of Panes, Implementation of Display Suite

Now I’m searching for a way to migrate all nodes, taxonomy, relations to the development system to make it the new live system.
Basically I want have a 1to1 copy of the content from the live system.
No changes to any of the fields have been made. So in general this should be no issue.

The challenge is that I have around 20.000 taxonomy terms that are used as tags inside the nodes and also inside other taxonomies in some cases.
And I also have around 3000 nodes all of them with relations to each other.

I tried different approaches using the deploy module, the Taxonomy CSV export module, the Node export module and the feeds module.
But all of these approaches do not bring sufficient results.
The problem with every approach that I did so far is that the NID and TID numbers are changing.
Which leads to wrong relations and tags.

I’m at a point where I consider to manually copy the needed SQL tables.
Has anyone any experience with a case like this and could give me a hint.

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