BEST working linux environment to download, extract and work in Drupal 8

I have been having problems with all the versions of drush, composer, php, mysql and Ubuntu Server versions. I’m staying with Ubuntu Server 16.04 because there are still too many problems with the big changes in 18.04 Bionic Beaver. Then there are the incompatibilities with multiple versions of PHP 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and now 7.2 working with drush and composer.

I would like to set up a stable working environment with the latest technologies that don’t have all the conflicts before you have even begun to work on your website! I’ve tried so many configurations and I still haven’t begun learning past the initial page.

My question to everyone is: What is your BEST linux environment (preferably Ubuntu because I’ve tried most of the flavors) that doesn’t clash with everything else and is pretty stable? 

So far my best method of downloading and extracting Drupal 8 is using wget and the tar –strip-components=1 -xvzf drupal-8.6.3.tar.gz command. Then I just use the GUI in Drupal 8 to download modules and themes. There has to be a better way to working with Drupal 8 themes, modules and files.

I learned that drush is a far better tool to use but I can’t get it working properly for Drupal 8. I guess drush requires a specific version to work with Drupal 8. When downloading drush it downloads an incompatible version and I have to manually locate it and make it work.

What is your perfect solution that I can finally start learning? Someone out there should provide working LAMP images of all the linux variants?

Drupal version: