Block on Front Page Not Showing(?)


I am learning Drupal – so bear with me.

I created a new block…

The purpose of the block is to display 3 new items in an inline fashion on the home page. (so – 1 “row” with 3 “columns” of information).

1 – I created a content type with an image field and a text field.

2 – I created a new view to display the content (Home> Admin>Structure>Views ): Block Style Options: 3 Columns | Alignment: Horizontal

3 – I then created a block to place that on the home page and placed it UNDER the Feature Article Block
a) Feature Article block
b) My new block of 3 inline subfeatures
c) “Powered By Drupal” block

4 – In (Home> Admin>Structure>Views ) – the view displays perfectly.

5 – When I place the block in the Block Region (called “content”) and save it – it does not appear.

Is there something in my logic or approach that I am doing wrong? I feel like I should be able to build a fairly custom home page this way – but it’s not working.

The behavior is the same regardless of template.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time!

Drupal version: