Body content suddently showed in 4 columns!

Hi all,

I need help with something that appears to be a ghost problem… those who you dont have idea where come from and which solution is not logical, sometimes mystical …. Here is the history:

I´m using D8 with Zircon theme, and added a video embeded field to the article content type. I set a lot of articles during the weekend a leave the portal working fine.

Today, I enable one core module and installed a new one, to allow flags icons on the language selector block.

I dont know if that has relation or not, if was before to the installation of the modules or not, but I realize that the body content of all my articles was showed in four columns…. But I not using display block in four columns…. never configure something like that

I have reviewed the configuration of blocks, views, fields etc … tested disabling fields .. unistalled the modules  Languagefield and Flag language, which actulay wasnt necessary because in D( there is a core module for that (ok, we all have our “duh” moment), tried all these but nothing…. I dont have a clue of what that heck is happening!

Does any one has a clue? any experience busting ghost problems?

Drupal version: