Bootstrap 4 – Barrio SASS Starter Kit

This is a Barrio subtheme that simplifies integrating Bootstrap 4 SASS with Drupal.

This subtheme overrides almost every CSS from Drupal and replaces where posible Bootstrap variables in order to generate from roots a new set of CSS files.

Color management relies on Google Material Design, generating lighten and darken variations of main color to generate hover or contrast for main colors.

For variables overide a SCSS file is defined, changinmg the whole Bootstrap definition according to personalizations set.

This subtrheme is also compatible with Material Desingn Bootstrap.


  • Instal node.js
  • Install gult: npm install --global gulp-cli
  • Install Bootstrap latest version: npm install [email protected]
  • Optional install Material Design Bootstrap: npm install mdbootstrap
  • Install gulp files: npm install gulp browser-sync gulp-sass gulp-autoprefixer gulp-compress gulp-minify-css gulp-sourcemaps gulp-uglify gulp-concat --save-dev


Just run gulp