bootstrap 8.x-3.6

Release notes

Changes since 8.x-3.5 (10 commits):

New Features

  • #2887284 by AdamPS, markcarver: Forcibly disable smart descriptions on captcha elements

Bug Fixes

  • #2878764 by Grimreaper, markcarver: Data target not set for Bootstrap carousel
  • #2871090 by JurriaanRoelofs: Remove redundant breadcrumb region from page.html.twig
  • #2880010 by Grimreaper: Some Bootstrap templates do not have variables
  • #2877263 by Grimreaper, hkirsman: Search button broken when glyph icons are disabled
  • #2881368 by Grimreaper: Remove actions_links from page.html.twig
  • #2885808 by markcarver: ThemeSuggestions::addSuggestionsForEntity doesn’t work
  • #2883951 by nsciacca, markcarver: Recent update for popovers breaks site that doesn’t use them
  • #2903594 by markcarver, danjdewhurst, hatznie, alexrayu: Element::smartDescription does not handle render arrays


  • #2876416 by amcc: sass starterkit documentation mentions ‘sass’ folder
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