breadcrumbs not working correctly in Drupal 8, w Adaptive Theme & Picture Reloaded

I have a problem with the breadcrumbs not displaying correctly in a Drupal 8 test site, with Picture Reloaded theme 8.x-1.0-rc1.

The breadcrumb links are not correct for pages accessed via navigation menu links deeper than the 1st level, eg, when going to a page linked via a 3rd-level menu link, only “Home” and the page title (the target page’s link( breadcrumb links are included (the 2nd level link is not included). And this, only if “Add the page title to breadcrumbs” setting is checked in the Breadcrumbs Extensions settings.

Similarly with Adaptive theme 8.x-1.0 being default theme. Actually, when Adaptive theme is default, only ‘Home’ breadcrumb link is displayed, regardless of the navigation menu level the viewed page is located.

Appreciate any tips.

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