Building Your Platform and Governance Plan for Acquia Site Factory

Acquia Cloud Site Factory (ACSF) makes creating, managing, and deploying hundreds of content-rich sites fast and hassle free. ACSF’s powerful toolset allows non-technical teams to easily create and manage new sites that form the moving pieces in an organization’s strategy.

But as sites are built, a bigger vision begins to take shape, and the need for a controllable Drupal platform underlying the many sites arises. Which modules will be available to site builders? How can you make sure each marketing group is using the best solution to each problem? How do you keep your codebase under control? These and similar question boil down to: how do you build, govern, operationalize and maintain a platform?

If these questions apply to you, you’ll love the Tech Talk video below — you’ll learn:

  • What the business needs to know about ACSF as a product
  • What expectations should be set up front with the technical teams
  • How to be successful building a platform that could potentially be home to many sites

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