campaignion 7.x-2.0

Release notes


The main reason for this major release is to bump the PHP dependency to 7.0.

Full list of changes since 7.x-1.18

  • Overlay: Use view for better node selection. [view commit]
  • Exclude * from coverage. [view commit]
  • Use contact.display_name as label for the target selector. [view commit]
  • Add display name column to custom datasets. [view commit]
  • Add a “Group” column. [view commit]
  • campaignion_manage pager: Use PHP’s parse_url(). [view commit]
  • e2t: Message serialization should preserve all public properties. [view commit]
  • Extend campaignion_source_tags: Add campaign tag functionality. [view commit]
  • Refactor selection modes into a plugin system. [view commit]
  • Add new selection mode for exactly one target. [view commit]
  • Fix undefined index in MessageTest. [view commit]
  • Make the title part of the plugin metadata. [view commit]
  • Update upal to version 1.2.4. [view commit]
  • Update little_helpers. [view commit]
  • Coding-style fixes on old code. [view commit]
  • Implement e2t redirects. [view commit]
  • e2t: Add integration test for a webform ajax redirect. [view commit]
  • e2t: Remove ApiError class as it is not used anywhere. [view commit]
  • e2t: Coding-style fixes and doc-comments [view commit]
  • e2t: Support for vue-app ‘message-template’ templates. [view commit]
  • e2t: Don’t unwrap submissions. [view commit]
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