Can anyone recommend a good form module?

Hi to all,

We currently have a fillable PDF as our employment application form, and the non-tech-savvy among our recruits really struggle with it. 

Is there a good form rendering application out there for Drupal 8?

The key features for me are:

  • Able to add basic verification to fields
  • Able to output as a CSV file (via email for import to our db)
  • Able to send a (formatted) email when a new applicant applies
  • Nice on-screen formatting with help tips.
  • Arrays, i.e. Has one former job on screen, but has an “Add more” button and knows to add repeated fields.
  • Ability to sign.. either pen-sign or treat a box as a signature.

The nice to have features:

  • Pagination
  • Ability to save an application and come back to it
  • The ability to upload various file formats (pdf, jpg) and attach them to email.
  • The ability to email a CSV for the array questions above to import.

I’m curious to see what options are out there, either free or commercial.



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