Can different user roles have their own custom fields?

Hi, I am new to Drupal, trying to switch from WordPress for some of our more complex projects.

Can different user roles have their own set of custom fields in Drupal 8?

As an example, I am building a website for a law firm. They have attorneys and staff. Attorneys have their own profile fields like law practice area, law school attended, etc. Staff has slightly different set of fields (e.g. no need to have law practice area, etc.).

I can built Attorney Profile and Staff Profile as different content types, but I was also hoping to give attorneys and staff logins into the website with ability to edit certain areas, so it would seem more natural to make them users and add these fields as part of a user profile. I’ve found a way to do this, but can’t figure out if these can be custom per role. It seems whatever fields I add currently are added to all user roles.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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